[D-DAY] and [HHOUR] are 2 World of Tanks Clans that platoon, train, play, hangout, and work together. We believe that a game should be fun, and that real-life comes first.

D-DAY is the more competitive clan – “a top 100 clan”.

HHOUR is the more social / chill clan – “Ah know mah rights!”.


A Light-hearted History…

D-DAY’s clan roots go back to FELIX Armor [FELIX], which was organized in 2013 because the commander, thepartizan, wanted something more than just his soccer team to boss around. The clan icon was a yellow and red circle around a black wolf’s head on a white background, and if you have no idea how that relates to “Felix” then welcome to the club. [FELIX] quickly became very successful, mostly by stealing kills from thepartizan, who would never again get Top Gun when playing with his clan members. Unfortunately, because all of the stat-padders filling up the clan ranks, they were unable to accommodate all of the scrub applicants who wanted a piece of the glory.

Thepartizan commissioned FELIX AUXILIA [F-AUX] in 2014, partly as a training/farm clan for all the scrub applicants, but mostly to get rid of the most annoying [FELIX] clan member, Diam0ndDave, who he made the commander of [F-AUX] in order to channel his hyper-activity and high blood pressure. The clan icon was the same as that for [FELIX], except that it had a yellow-outlined black box around it with the letters F, A, U, X in the corners. Known as “fox”, [F-AUX] quickly grew into a competitive clan that used its signature hyper-aggressive swarm tactics to enable their scrubs to sometimes beat clans that actually had good players. With Diam0ndDave’s rant of “why is this tank not dead yet?” ringing in their ears within a half second of any enemy tank getting spotted, [F-AUX] players dropped like locusts on the global map to help out [FELIX] during clan wars campaigns. To this day, nobody from [F-AUX] has completed the Light Tank 15 mission because they can’t resist the overwhelming urge to immediately circle-kill any tank that they spot.

Seeing the advantage of having two clans fight side by side on the global map, in 2015 the more competitive [F-AUX] players were rolled into a third clan, F3LIX Armor [F3LIX]. A few of the experienced [FELIX] players were also added to [F3LIX] to provide adult supervision for the new clan known as “Felix Three”, or informally as “Threelix”. The clan icon was the same as [FELIX] except the black and white colors were inverted. Since nobody wanted to be the commander of [F3LIX], everybody voted for Baldwon because he was Canadian and was therefore too polite to turn down the god-awful job. Although never quite breaking into the top-100 in clan wars campaigns, [F3LIX] became one of the most competitive non-competitive (no required events) clans on the NA server, and Baldwon always sent his best Canadian “sorry” message to the commander of any clan beaten in battle by [F3LIX]. Unfortunately, during the time of the rise of [F3LIX], the [FELIX] main clan began to wane as players left the game to focus on less-important things like passing their college courses or saving their marriages.

Since it was the only active clan remaining in the [FELIX] family, in 2016 the clan members decided to change the clan name to establish themselves as an independent clan. Choosing [D-DAY] after a massive 2-week-long voting campaign, the clan also changed its icon to black and white D-Day invasion stripes. Historically, the stripes were for airplanes, but being a good liberal who puts symbolism over substance, Baldwon liked the way they looked on tanks and on the global map. A sub-clan was eventually needed to accommodate all of the clan applicants who wanted the cool invasion stripes on their tanks, so [HHOUR] was established to raise ‘killer tomatoes’ in the same manner as [F-AUX] in the old glory days. [D-DAY] continued its competitive non-competitive theme, earning camo in clan wars campaigns, gold in weekend and weekday skirmishes, and holding territories on the global map. [D-DAY] established a unique tradition of playing all TOGs if a stronghold team achieves 5-straight wins, and despite all rationality they somehow usually win with those horrid TOGs. Unfortunately, Baldwon got into a HUGE fight with StainlessRat, who said that table syrup is better than maple syrup, and a couple of guys backed him up. Baldwon, being Canadian, couldn’t be in a clan with someone like that anymore, so he left to focus on petitioning the Canadian government for something or another, probably a worldwide ban on table syrup. The clan held elections, and although nobody actually voted for him (including himself), Russian hackers made sure that StainlessRat became the new commander.

After a successful reign of tyrannical relaxation, [D-DAY] and [HHOUR] had great success under StainessRat in Clan Wars, Stronghold Advances, and those awful Ranked Battles — mostly due to his pro-Gulag ideology. Then one day, StainlessRat misplaced the keys to the clans. They were found later that day by _Drakonis_ who then was appointed the new Commander.

Much like actual political elections, nothing has changed with the new _Drakonis_ administration despite campaign promises, and [D-DAY] remains a competitive clan with no required events.

Just don’t bring up the syrup issue because StainlessRat is reportedly backed by Putin, and you know what happens to people who mess with Putin.