6/6/19 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion

D-DAY! This year marks 75 years since Allies came ashore in France. In remembrance of this event, there will be a community meeting the evening of 6/1/19, 2030EST on Team Speak. BE THERE!

Also, CONTESTS every Thursday in June!

June 6, post a screenshot/replay in the Replay Forum of any battle in a tier 6 tank. The HHOUR or D-DAY member with the highest damage game will get 500 gold. Second place 250 gold. Third place 100 gold.

June 13 Tier 8 tank.

June 20 Tier 10 tank!

This Weekend (4/27/18)…

XP Fever Missions and Premium Discounts

x3 XP for the First Win
Bonus for Exchanging XP for Free XP: 1 Gold = 35 XP
50% Gold Discount on All Tier V Premium Tanks
30% Gold Discount on All Tier VI-VII Premium Tanks
15% Gold Discount on All Tier VIII Premium Tanks