Events & Calendar

(Clan members attend only what they are interested in &  available for)

Clan Wars: “Season”
 See sign-up sheet in forum

Clan Wars: “Campaign” 
 See sign-up sheet in forum

Advances/Detachments: Tier 10 (when available)
Saturday @ 7, 8, & 9 PM EST:
   (Fridays & Sundays also if we have interest/ people available)
– If we have enough people, we run multiple teams at multiple tiers.

Strongholds: Tier 6+8
Daily @ any time:
– Any clan member can start a SH.
– Regular callers will get gold.

   1st Thursday each month @ 9 PM EST:
Training on a variety of topics.
– Details will be posted in the Noob Forum.
– Feel free to request a topic in the Ideas Forum.
– Anyone who wants to train may – contact MacDaddyMatty.
– These events are open to any Clan and non-clan members.
– Training topics to follow in a different post.

   2nd Thursday each month @ 9 PM EST
Tank of the Day drops 
– Open to D-DAY, HHOUR, and non-clan friends.
– Usually involves alcohol.

   3rd Thursday each month @ 9 PM EST
Clan Games
– Open to Clan and non-Clan players
– Feel free to recommend ideas for games in the Questions/Ideas Forum.

Pz1C races
You’ve seen the vids.
A good track with lots of mayhem keeps it chaotic and fun.

Hide and Seek – D-DAY style
(There are variations on this game, here is ours)
Get the “Hiders” in Pz1Cs. Get 2 hunters in tier 9 LT or fast MTs.
Find a map with lots of hiding places (Kharkov and Ghost Town are good ones)
Everyone meet in the middle of the map.
Everyone hit the “V” key to turn off the HUD (and keep it off).
Give the hiders 2 min to go hide, then unleash the hunters.
A LOT of fun as Hunters drive right by a hidden Pz1C or chase one and try to shoot it with no HUD!

2 teams all Hetzer… derptastic.

Foxes and Hounds
One team of Foxes in Pz1Cs.  Other team in the fastest high tier tank they have.
HUD on.
Rabbits get a 30 sec head start.
No shooting, players must ram kill the Pz1Cs.

Team King of the Hill
Map: Cliff
Two teams of Pz1Cs (or Hetzers).
7 min battle.
HUD on.
No shooting, players must ram kill, or push other teams tanks off the hill.
Tanks pushed off hill that survive may climb back up the hill.
At the end of the timer, team with more tanks on the top of the hill wins.

Slasher Movie
Map: Ensk
1 team: Fifteen Pz1Cs
1 Team: Two Cruiser 2s with derps (or 3 Hetzers).
Pz1C’s no HUD and no firing.
Cruiser 2s Hud and Firing.
The slow Cruisers hunt the fast Pz1Cs on a small map. Last Pz1C is the winner.

  4th Thursday each month @ 9 PM EST
Tier 10 Super-toons drops

– Open to D-DAY, HHOUR, and non-clan friends.
– Usually involves alcohol.

Suspended events:

Clan Tournaments – WG is running Tourney’s again.
– Open to D-DAY, HHOUR, and non-clan TS regulars (unless otherwise indicated).
– Tourney details to be announced each month in Events forum.
– Prizes (big and small) depending on the sponsor.