Welcome To D-DAY / HHOUR (the Talk)

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Welcome To D-DAY / HHOUR (the Talk)

Post by MacDaddyMatty » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:27 am


Welcome to D-DAY & HHOUR.
We're happy to have you.
Here is what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you!

"The Talk"

1. ___________________________________________________________

HHOUR is our “Social Clan”.
- Players of all skill level are welcome to join.
- There are no requirements to participate in any activities,
but HHOUR members are welcome and encouraged to join in any D-DAY activity that is not clan-restricted by Wargaming.

D-DAY is our “Competitive Clan”.
1) D-DAY conducts activities including Clan Wars, Advances, Strongholds, Training, Games, & other events.
Participation is optional, but If you are not participating in any of these events, then you may be dropped for inactivity and invited to join HHOUR until you are consistently active again.
2) Members must have a recent WN8 of *1000+ and at least 1 viable Clan Wars tank.
Note: members who want to be in D-DAY but do not meet the criteria have 2 options...
a) Special Recruitment: If they are very active and have at least 1 tier 10, but have low (but improving) stats, Senior Officers can vote to bring them on conditionally. Or
b) Join HHOUR till they meet criteria above.
- Option B is quite common*

Players can (and do) move back and forth from HHOUR to D-DAY, and D-DAY to HHOUR according to interest/activity.

2. ___________________________________________________________

1) Be on TeamSpeak when playing:
We are a community, and that requires us to interact.
We use TeamSpeak as the main vehicle to achieve this.

You will see guests from other clans hanging out with us.
- In CWs and SHs, please set your TeamSpeak Options to Push-To-Talk or mute during competitive team events so that extraneous noise does not interfere with calling.
- When we need to make space for new members, those rarely / never on TS when playing go first.

The Team Speak has a lot of useful information about the game and clan events
Top section is Resources including Rules, Bulletin Board (lists announcements and events. We recommend that you check this daily when you log on), Resources (a listing of tactics, strategy, game mechanics, and legal hacks. The clan spreadsheet lists recommended tanks for Clan Wars and other competitive events. The HOUR Recommended Tank Progression for New Players which is also a good resource for experienced players to set their WOT Settings for competitive play), and Find a Tournament Team.
The TS rooms include: AFK Room (Away. Teamspeak sound and mics are disabled in this room, but text chat still works), Solo Pub Bashing (if you're not feeling social while playing the game. Teamspeak sound and mics are disabled in this room, but text chat still works), Hang Out, Looking for Platoon (Recommend editing your name in here to show what you are doing, such as "Yourname - Grinding Tier X" or "Yourname - Soccer"), Platoon / SH / CW rooms and others.

FORUM https://www.clandday.com/forum/
- Real life comes first.
If you are going to be absent for more than 28 days, please post on the forum to let us know.
That way you don’t get dropped for inactivity.
- Clan and game events are posted daily.
There are also several hidden forums for Callers, Recruiters, and Officer business. The forum has many resources and we often post announcements, bonus codes, tournaments, and events.

WEBSITE https://www.clandday.com
1) Ensure you checkout the Clans Calendar:
- We do not require attendance at any events, but they are a lot of fun.

3. ___________________________________________________________

1) Do not be a troll. Do not shoot or harass ‘Green Tanks’.
Ignore trolls and d-bags. Do not engage in message chat unless the discussion has a positive tone. D-DAY competes in Clan Wars events and has an excellent reputation with several top-ten clans that we often work with. Problems in pubs can carry over to CWs and cause major issues. The idea is not to roll over, but “don’t start shit” and “let it slide when you can – it ain’t worth it”.

2) Contact an officer right away if you observe anything unseemly by a clan member. As stated, "excellent reputation" and we mean to keep it. We have very low tolerance for douchebaggery!

- We do not require attendance at any events, but we will not schedule any battles unless we are sure that we will have enough players in order to avoid default penalties. An accurate player count is required 1-2 hours prior to the battle, and we will accomplish this with a sign-up sheet
!! USE THE SIGN UP SHEET during CWs !!
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... =120946040
or by asking players to right-click on their name in TeamSpeak and Set Server Group to Early or Late Clan Wars.
- Gold earned in Clan Wars goes directly to the clan treasury.
The clan commander or XOs will periodically distribute this gold as a reward to clan members who participate in clan wars or clan events, and to members who distinguish themselves by helping the clan in other ways. Note that you will earn very little gold from Clan Wars because it is divided among so many members. If you want to earn a significant amount of gold, then participate in War Games and Tournaments.
- We will do our best to rotate players in an attempt to allow everybody a chance to play because this helps to maintain skill, team cohesion, and fun.
However, we also tend to select players based on the following criteria:
-- Tanks and crew skills specified by the caller: The more competitive tanks you have, the better chance you have to play.
-- Event leaders: Depending on the event rules, sometimes we will give priority to players who are in the running for special prizes. Since event points are usually based on participation, the more you participate at the beginning of an event, the more likely you are to be an event leader later in the event when we start to prioritize leaders.
-- Event "laggers": Depending on the event rules, sometimes we will give priority to payers who need a few more games or points to earn prizes.

LAST: remember its a game and should be fun.

Welcome Aboard!

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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Re: Welcome To D-DAY / HHOUR (the Talk)

Post by MacDaddyMatty » Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:14 am

Addendum for clarity...

Casual Clan:
* Do what you want, when you want.
This is HHOUR.
There are no requirements beyond conduct and those listed above.

Competitive Clan:
* Show up and fight in Clan Wars and other mandatory clan events, or get booted.

Casual Competitive Clan:
This is D-DAY.
* When you are available (online) participate in Clan Wars, Strongholds, Advances, etc.
* If you can't, don't worry. If you can, you should.
That's why you're in D-DAY, because you WANT to do Clan Wars, Strongholds, Advances, etc.
* If you're not interested in doing these, we have HHOUR.
* If you consistently are not supporting D-DAY in these events, you will eventually get moved to HHOUR.
You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.