DO NOT start shit with other players.
But don't roll over either.
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DO NOT start shit with other players. But don't roll over either. Moderated by SALT_BOT.
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Post by SALT_BOT » Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:26 pm

<14:29:08>: brucenemo (12:21:21 PM) holy god u suck in lights

SALT_BOT (12:21:31 PM) hell yeah sister!
trying to learn tho brother

brucenemo (12:308 PM) watch zeven

SALT_BOT (12:327 PM) he'll also teach you how to not talk shit to a team mate. maybe you should rewatch his videos... see you on the battlefield.

brucenemo (12:485 PM) dont make sht up
and stop sucking
work on those two and you'll be good i swear

SALT_BOT (1:18:47 PM) rog...stop sucking and dont make shit up. legit tho he does teach how to be a positibe member of the WOT society. You should look him up. It's "zeven" an easy youtube search. Good luck on the battle field man.

brucenemo (1:19:23 PM) i watched all his vids he doesnt say sht like that
happy to be corrected
but u need to pick up your game play
or try to figure out by saying 'what do you mean?' when ppl say you suck

SALT_BOT (20:49 PM) yeah one thing he is a huge proponent of is being a good member of the WOT society. If you dont understand that then there is absolutely zero hope for you. Sorry you just dont get it man. Maybe in another life you will figure it out. Till then... good luck on the battlefield.

brucenemo (25:30 PM) i always find toxic sht allows ppl to change their behavior as opposed to positive feedback
so eat the sht i feed you, and learn
or quit the game
you have two choices

SALT_BOT (2:12:13 PM) see once again, something Zeven would teach against. I really dont understand how you fail to learn his lessons. especially when you preach his message on a free to play game like this. no... i think i will choose option 3 and continue as i am. thank you though, for your most valuable input. Good luck on the battlefield, good Sir.
lmao i just went back to check the tank you were wernt. it was an arty. Just made my day. Good luck above the battlefield...lmao

brucenemo (2:226 PM) and u played one of the mostop tanks inthe game
and quite literally sucked below your hp
stop trying to weave your sht around this
you clearly sucked

SALT_BOT (2:26:56 PM) yeah man like i said, Zeven really will teach you how to be a positive influence in the WOT community. Just give him a try. Search "Zeven" in the search bar of YouTube. Any one of his videos should do. Good luck
DO NOT START SHIT with other players - salty douches get kicked from clan.
But, don't roll over either.
Know when to disengage. It's just not worth it.

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