Clan Wars Strategy (Season 12)

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Clan Wars Strategy (Season 12)

Post by Rubicite » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:00 pm

In the most recent Clan Wars campaign, our overall strategy was to maximize individual Fame Points with the hope that some people might be able to get a reward tank. (BTW, that strategy was successful) We did this by loading the schedule with two battles per hour PER TEAM. Since we often had 30+ people sign up, we considered this to be two teams and scheduled accordingly. One downside of overloading the schedule like that was that we had to "red light" our second round battles about 20.5% of the time.

For Season 12, our overall strategy is to maximize our gold earnings with the goal of obtaining camo, emblems, and decals for participants. However, unlike previous seasons, WGNA decided to de-emphasize missions in favor of owning land. Previously, we could earn substantial amounts of gold by completing missions, such as destroying and damaging tanks.

Since the emphasis to earn gold has been rotated to land ownership, we need to change our strategy to ONE battle per hour per team. When attacking, this allows that team to continue fighting into the fourth round if we keep winning.

Once we own a province, defending it becomes more tricky since we don't actually defend the land until all attackers have been whittled down to just one left. Here's why that's tricky: let's say we own a landing province in the first hour (7pm EST) and there are 32 attackers. There will be 16 battles at 7pm, 8 battles at 7:30pm, 4 at 8pm, 2 at 8:30, and the last surviving team attacks us at 9:00pm. That means we have to be careful NOT to schedule a battle at 9:00pm. It becomes even more complicated if there's not 32 attackers, but 29 or 23 or there are ties (causing both sides to lose). It's harder to predict when that defending land battle will occur so we will probably have to make decisions at the last minute whether to attack someone else or not at any given hour (past the first hour).

Thankfully, there are supposed to be 33% more provinces than normal, so we have a better chance to own land than previously. Additionally, there is a huge disparity in gold earnings from one province to another. For example, there are provinces that pay out 24 gold per day and there are others that pay out over 2,000 gold per day. Obviously, the higher end clans will be fighting for the provinces which pay out the most ... which also can help us if we don't try to pick fights in those provinces.

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Re: Clan Wars Strategy (Season 12)

Post by noboater » Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:40 pm

Thanks Rubicite, great info for sure. Unfortunately trying to comprehend all of this has sent two of my remaining five brain cells to a nursing home. Keep up the good work friend. :lol:

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Re: Clan Wars Strategy (Season 12)

Post by MacDaddyMatty » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:06 am

Please post and sticky the signup spreadsheet.
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