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DO NOT start shit with other players. But don't roll over either. Moderated by SALT_BOT.
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REL2 Commander

Post by Desert_Fox_1969 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:41 pm

One of his XO's called me D-DAY shitter after I reported another player who was raging at the beginning of the battle.
I sent the replay to WG and informed REL2 commander:

Here the convo:
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:01:32 PM) Do all your XO's insult players of other clans in battle chat?
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:05:20 PM) hmm
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:13:28 PM) not sure what you are saying
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:16:01 PM) your XO The Talent is calling people in battle shit shitters
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:16:39 PM) well the replay was sent to WG and I am pretty sure this was not the first time, so maybe a time out will happen
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:20:53 PM) lol what clan are you in
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:27:47 PM) does it matter? is this how a XO behaves at Relic?
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:32:44 PM) I see you are from D-Day
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:32:51 PM) tbh, I dont really care
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:33:14 PM) of course not
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:33:28 PM) well have a good one. Let WG deal with it
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:33:32 PM) not like he hurt anyone lmao
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:33:39 PM) except your feelings
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:33:46 PM) not my feelings
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:33:52 PM) im not going to repremand someone for speaking the truth about Tomatos
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:34:28 PM) no tomatos no WOT
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:34:32 PM) think about it
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:27 PM) well, I see that you are rocking an 1100 win8
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:35:41 PM) so?
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:44 PM) you
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:44 PM) is
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:46 PM) tomato
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:47 PM) well
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:55 PM) technically an unripened banana
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:35:59 PM) but it still stands
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:36:49 PM) feel free to continue in meritocracy, Ill continue leading a good clan
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:37:46 PM) you mean continue to let your members insult players
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:37:57 PM) I dont care what they do, as long as they perform
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:38:04 PM) thats true leadership right there
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:38:05 PM) they arent here to make you feel good about yourself.
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:38:08 PM) they are here to win.
Edge_of_Insanity (10/17/2019 7:38:12 PM) which we will continue to do
Desert_Fox_1969 (10/17/2019 7:38:43 PM) well enjoy

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Re: REL2 Commander

Post by StainlessRat » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:52 pm

Yup, that's him.

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Re: REL2 Commander

Post by echo9835 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:40 pm

Ah yes the welcoming World of Tanks community. Glad to see such friendly behavior out of the top clans.

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