January Clan Wars Campaign

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January Clan Wars Campaign

Post by Rubicite » Thu Dec 19, 2019 11:45 am

https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/12/18 ... a-session/

This is from the Global Publishing Director, Product Director, and Product Manager, all from the WoT staff.

"Clan wars changes:
– There will be no new tank.
Event in January, not earlier than the 12th. (emphasis added)
– Term – 2 weeks, tier X.
– In the strategic plan, the mechanics won’t get any massive changes.
– There will be new mechanics that affect fights. New directives exclusively for the Global Map.
The new mechanics will only be tested during the event. Everyone will be given the same set of these goodies, and it will not be possible to replenish / buy.

– The “Workshop” will appear: in it it will be possible to craft premium tier 8 tanks It runs parallel to the fame points.
It will be possible to assemble the tanks issued earlier (IS-5, KV-4 Kreslavsky, Chieftain / T95 and T23E3). How many tanks players will be able to assemble in the Workshop is currently unknown. All participants in each team will receive an equal amount of materials

“Workshop” – For participating in the battles, both teams will receive various materials that can be assembled into components, from which tanks will be assembled. For a better understanding – look at the crafting mechanics in The Witcher 3."

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Clan Wars Campaign

Post by Rubicite » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:49 pm

Campaign rules:
https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/doc ... gulations/

- Tier 10 only.
- Three Fronts: Basic, Advanced, Elite.
- Prime Time for the Basic and Advanced Fronts is 7pm - 11pm EST (note: these are START times and battles can end up going well after midnight).
- Individuals accumulate Personal Fame Points through participation in battles as well as the battle result.
- After each battle, players receive resources which can be used to build a rare tank. The number of resources received depends on various factors and will change from battle to battle. The tanks that can be built are:
* T23E3 (Tier 7)
* Chieftain/T95 (Tier 8)
* KV-4 Kreslavskiy (Tier 8)
* IS-5 (Object 730) (Tier 8)
- Clans earn Clan Fame Points which can be used to research technologies, such as boosting the rate of more Clan Fame Points. Note: Clan Fame Points cannot be used to directly increase Personal Fame Points, although Clan Fame Points can impact the number of bonds that are received.
- Experimental Modules will be given out. These are like super consumables and everyone gets the same ones. These will not be replaced.
- Revolts are off.
- Penalties are on and will stay on the books for THREE DAYS.
- Province income is off.
- Locations for landing provinces will be dynamic.
- First day landing provinces max out at 16, but thereafter, it goes to 32 (Basic Front).
- Tank locking is off for the Basic Front, it is on for the Elite Front.
- Individuals must participate in at least five battles and still be a member in order to receive rewards and have a chance to enter the Alley of Fame.
- The top 3150 people in the Alley of Fame can purchase a Tier 10 tank for 4000 bonds.
- After the event, people can make a bid on a reward tank. The top 600 bids will win (minimum of 4500 bid).

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