leaving the clan

Let us know if real-life happens, or if you're taking a break.
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I will be inactive/away
Let us know if real-life happens, or if you're taking a break.
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leaving the clan

Post by greywolf54 » Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:51 pm

Hello folks....I have decided to drop my tags and leave the clan.I have been very proud to have been a member of D-DAY for almost a year now.The clan has an excellent reputation in the community,a bunch of great guys and handles itself with class in all ways.The proof in the pudding was being in the clan spotlight last summer showing even wargaming recognizes what a class act D-Day is.I have never regretted joining and really appreciate the chance I was given to participate in clan wars,skirmishes,advances etc. as well as platoon with friendly folks.My main reason to join the clan was fulfilled and that was to have one last kick at the competitive can of clanwars in a decent,competitive clan.A shout out to all the hard work of our officers Stainless for your steady hand,calm leadership and keeping us grounded .Hardcorpse for your morale boosting,hard work doing the drops and keeping us informed and your very funny interesting stories and anecdotes.Ghost for your tireless dedication calling battles night after night often when you were the only one willing and able to call. Rubicite for your hard work giving us the numbers and analysis of our efforts as well as the drops. Scutor you made me laugh thanks.And to all the other guys in the clan that contributed to such a positive atmosphere.For me I can sense my skills in the game declining and frustration with losing increasing as I get close to my mid 60's.As a veteran player since the beta days I have worked hard to be at least an average player and believe I contributed what I had to the best of my ability.I have been in 6 clans and always felt being in a clan was an opportunity for teamwork and camraderie. The first several clan wars campaigns it felt to me like D-Day was competitive and we had our share of wins.However this last campaign and the previous several months to me indicated both a decline in my play and the clan as a whole.We can barely win 35 percent of battles at tier 10 in clanwars now and we were losing badly quite often to lower ranked clans.I do not want to be too critical and will stop there.The bottom line for me was losing ain't fun and getting outplayed consistently battle after battle told me it was time to move on.I think my competitive days are done and I will retire to playing just random battles, frontlines etc. as a solo player as I still enjoy the game some days.Before I joined D-Day my clanwars win percentage was over 50 percent now it is barely above 47 percent which kind of tells the tale of going from winning a decent amount to not.I always took pride in being a hard fighting competitive player against other clans.I just cannot stomach the losing anymore.So I wish you guys all the best and hope you and your families stay healthy and safe in these coming weeks and months of this global pandemic...Cheers, greywolf54

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Re: leaving the clan

Post by MacDaddyMatty » Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:03 am

Be well and have fun at whatever you do next!

I feel the same way in many respects about WoT, I'm just not into the competitive aspect anymore.
Especially when you go several games in a row where all your shots seem to miss or bounce.

I'll likely be in HHOUR at some point in the future,
Consider HHOUR if you do decide to keep playing!

o7 Grey

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