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Not cool, actually complete Bullshit!

Post by Konig » Thu May 07, 2020 8:12 pm

Now I miss Stainless and Hardcorpse, like wtf!?!

Literally the Heart and Soul of D-Day!

Please become a caller or do not complain, please. Maybe the would then comeback.

Come home guys, we need and want our teammates back.

PS: I rarely post on the net, now I have twice in less than a month. :!: :?: :!:

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Re: Not cool, actually complete Bullshit!

Post by Dutch_323 » Fri May 08, 2020 1:46 pm

Agreed that it's BS for anyone who isn't a caller to bitch about those who step up and take on that difficult job for this clan or any other. Since I couldn't "call" my way out of a wet paper bag I'll say that I have nothing but respect for those who put forth the time and effort.
One of the problems with staying competitive in Strongholds, Advances, and Clan Wars is that over time dead weight accumulates. Every clan I've been in had this problem; even established clans who had 85+ members and yet they still couldn't get enough to show up for a Tier VI Stronghold. Clan members either stop showing up for competitive activities and just concentrate on the next "mission" or drift away from tanks hardly playing if at all. FWIW, it seems to me D-Day has a lot of members on the roster that don't really care to participate in clan activities; and I will say that includes many of the officers. So, I can see how long time Clan Officers who have worked hard to keep this thing going might decide they've had enough and it's time to move on.

Still, I do hope they both reconsider and come back.
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