New Clan Commander!

StainlessRat: The time has come for a change. It’s been a year and while I know it’s been said a change isn’t needed I do feel it’s time for a leader with a new take on things.  I know Drakonis will make decisions that are best for the group. I also know that each of you will support him.

_Drakonis_: Greetings everyone, first I want to say it is an honor and privilege to be asked take command of D-Day for the next year. I appreciate the votes of confidence from everyone. I’m usually pretty easy to get along with, I’m not looking to turn things upside down or anything like that. There might be some few tweaks here and there but nothing major that I can see. If you have any questions or concerns please talk to me in teamspeak.  In regards to H-hour, I don’t see any changes with that, everything business as usual for now. In the coming weeks I will be discussing about starting a weekly training night for the clan and some incentives for people wanting to be a caller. Thank you everyone for the opportunity and I will try and do my best.

~   ~   ~